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The biannual meeting / general meeting is SKS's highest decision-making body



5.1 The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body.

5.2 The ordinary general meeting must be held every two years. An extraordinary general meeting is held at the instigation of the board of directors or at the written request of at least half of the number of members.

5.3 Location of the general meeting should be chosen alternately in southern Sweden / Denmark, western Sweden / Norway and eastern / central Sweden. The board decides on the time and place for the general meeting.

5.4 The program and agenda for the meeting are determined by the board. The notice must be published in the Association's magazine at least 6 weeks before the meeting.

5.5 Each member is entitled to participate in the meeting. Collectively registered members are entitled to participate without the right to vote.

5.6 At the general meeting, at least the following topics must be discussed:

· The issue of freedom from liability for the outgoing board.

· Election of board members and alternates for the coming two-year period.

· Election of auditor for 2 years

· Decision on quota size for individual and collective membership.