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The exchange rate for Danish and Swedish kronor was finally decided in December 2023 at €35
To become a member of the Skandinaviska KilliSällskapet, you only need to pay the membership fee into one of our bank accounts:
SWEDEN: Swedbank bankgiro 464-0868 SEK 395 NOTE new price as the Swedish krone has become less valuable compared to the €uro
                        Swish: 123 268 95 45
DENMARK : Danske Bank 15510004600320 DKK 260
                     reg 1551 account 4600320
                     SWIFT DABADKKK IBAN DK21 3000 0004 6003 20
                          MobilePay: no 441255
NORWAY: Our Norwegian account has unfortunately been closed, so it will only be possible to pay via the Danish or Swedish bank account or via Paypal
Enter SKS or the Skandinaviska KilliSällskapet as recipient, and don't forget to write YOUR OWN name and address, as well as phone number and possible e-mail address.
As a member you get KilliBladet and KilliPosten (digital).
KilliBladet is SKS' member magazine and is published 4 times a year. It contains articles on fish behavior, cultivation, diseases, feed, systematics as well as travel stories and much more. The magazine is of very high quality, and has many color pictures. A "must" for those interested in catfish and aquariums.
KilliPosten is published six times a year via W.mail and functions as SKS's news outlet, and contains information on various current topics. 
You also get the opportunity to advertise on the SKS Fish & Egg List here online.
If you are interested in further information, you can contact one of SKS' contact persons or contact one of our local groups.